Friday, January 7, 2011

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Back from outer space ...

We started the new year with a road trip to South Massachusetts!

Marcel got the job in St. John, NB to load paper rolls to the States. After I successfully finished my exams before Christmas as a tax specialist and I was hired for this season off. My new job as a tax prep at H & R Block but I start next week, so we took the opportunity to ride.

how it looked on departure! A clear blue sky and snow fill in Moncton. The farther south we went the less was the cold water. When it was Abladedestination then green or more brown ...

port of St. John, NB
home to the largest company New Brunswick's Irving

border crossing took place in Calais, Maine instead. Hell, I already knew of Marcel, that the Americans take it very closely with the security ... this effort, I had not expected!
We went pretty slow at the switch, the nice officer was friendly towards our passports and referred us to interview next to the X-ray station for trucks. Each truck / trailer will be checked before entry. Everything ok, continue to the parking lot. Bryan and I had to manage our visa. By the time we had put on shoes and jackets and leisurely strolled into the building, we were already planning for yet an official ... Ok, ok, again passes rausgepuhlt and released for review. Marcel's company had already in advance all Papers including our passenger data transmitted electronically, so that the U.S. knew about our arrival notice ... However, it was filled in half an hour to our nice little note and agent both green had stuck. Of course, not without me first to interview in detail and to have to fill out a form in which I declared that neither Bryan nor I would smuggle weapons or even in a terrorist mission on the way to be! Finally I was allowed my ten fingerprints scanned plus smile in the camera, Bryan was able to avoid this procedure, surprisingly, ... Was drummed into us as a farewell greeting: Do not forget: at least one day before the expiry of the permitted three months our visa at a border with the United States to give back as proof that Sandra and Bryan left the country really are!

went after this delay the journey through the endless forests of Maine. After a while one is asleep but the face a smooth ... no wonder feels Stephen King horror novels inspired when he thinks of the Woods in Maine ...

everywhere on the highways, there are scale or Weigh Station where the trucks and trailers are checked for weight. Thus, it is not boring: Canada allows greater weight than the U.S. ... hahaha, that every charge which is intended for export to the States the driver must be careful and check the weight after! Otherwise it may be expensive or, at worst it means: stop!

So soon as she was getting really dark, as it flashes on the right side of the road: Report to weigh station ... oh dear, we knew that our weight was on the border, Bibb, Bibber! Blessing in disguise: the State Police vehicle was waiting for us to control! Short interview by officers in riot gear brawny. Then the parking lot, he would follow! Well then ... A beaten 3 / 4 hour, the truck was tested and the trailer on the test! Bryan funny on it, we tend not to ... Findings: everything is OK, no complaints found! Report printed must be made in the company. Info in the trailer, because the agent had broken the seal to take the charge in appearances ... Since we were got off lightly!

The next morning was unloaded in Taunton. Then we went back to Boston where we took a return load to Oxford, Nova Scotia.

are unbelievable how many warning signs along the roads ...

Many highways in the East Coast (and elsewhere) are not included. Especially around the larger towns, like Boston bsp. Because of traffic jams like the truckers and brought beads of sweat on his forehead, was driving a car that is definitely not invented in North America ...
Boston itself is architecturally very interesting and beautiful. Many houses of long ago, churches in all its forms ... but it is far too much traffic!

Funny I also found that alcohol outlets have their own highway exits ... is frowned upon in a country where the drink to the public yet ...

Bryan enjoyed immensely the last few days! Playing with Mom read, and games are the best: Movies without end ... no wonder took up the sleeping one problem, despite shaking and motor hum!
Finally, a little insight on my part: Trucker is a tough job and I admire all of this work over long-term exercise. Much patience is needed and head shake of the day! More like I do not comment ... Chapeau guys!


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